I am a songwriter/producer working on getting songs I've written over the last 25 years recorded.  My brain comes up with new ideas much faster than I can get the old ones recorded so I have a lot of work to do to get caught up.  I write what comes to me and don't usually set out to write a pop song or rock song etc.  The lyrics and melody matter most to me and everything else is there to support those two things.

I don't tour and don't play in a band so I produce all my music on my own in my home studio and outsource drum and bass tracks via the wonderful internet.  

I have some minor film score experience and video editing/syncing experience.  I've discovered that I really enjoy putting music to video.

Because I work a day job and don't have time to play live or tour, recouping the money invested to put my music "out there" comes only from the sales of single song and album sales so if you like my music, please help support me in continuing this project by purchasing the songs or albums you like and by not making it available for piracy.  The pop stars can afford some piracy and still make millions of dollars.  I'm just trying to recoup what I spent so I can keep putty my songs out there.  

Thank you for visiting my site and for taking an interest in my music.



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